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International Nepal Fellowship (INF)

Working with the International Nepal Fellowship (INF), this project focuses on education and the community. The location is Nepalganj, Western Nepal.


The INF is a missionary organisation working in some of the least developed areas of western Nepal. Their work is focused on serving the disadvantaged and under-privileged - women, children, low castes, the disabled, TB and leprosy victims. INF programmes include health care, social services, teaching, training and other suitable development needs, working in close co-operation with local communities and their leaders.

The Project

The main aim of this project was to encourage primary school attendance, particularly by slum children and those children working as domestic servants, and to re-enforce the importance of education. The following project possibilities were identified:

  • Improving the physical facilities of the school - painting, renovating school building(s) - therefore creating a better learning environment;
  • Re-motivating the teachers, children and parents through a programme of drama, mime and song to be performed by the project group;
  • Providing and creating with the children visual learning aids - paintings, pictures etc.;
  • Encouraging parents to send their children to school, outlining the benefits.


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